Psychology Solutions Associates Ltd

Dr Church, is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, who specialises in the provision of evidence-based psychological services to individuals and organisations including:

  • Agencies providing medico–legal services and psychological rehabilitation
  • Solicitors
  • Insurance companies
  • GPs
  • Individual members of the public

Psychology Solutions was founded by Dr John Church, in 2000, after several years of providing Clinical Psychology services within the NHS and in providing medico-legal reports, during which he built an excellent reputation with a variety of instructing parties. Dr Church specialises in providing effective, focal psychotherapy and counselling, for individuals exhibiting psychological difficulties, as well as personal injury medico-legal reports following slips, trips and falls, road traffic accidents, medical negligence, needle-stick injuries, and all other types of accidents within the workplace.

Dr Church is fully insured, and he adheres to the highest professional standards. Membership / accreditation with the relevant professional associations / accrediting bodies is mandatory.

He prides himself in providing a reputable service based on his values of:

  1. Improving access to evidence based psychological therapy
  2. Clinical excellence in the provision of independent psychological services
  3. Meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of his clients through best practice
  4. Promoting and contributing to the therapeutic application of psychology for the benefit of individuals, the legal profession, companies and wider society